Creativity knows no boundaries

February 08, 2018: One of the good things about creativity is that it has its own way of reaching out to those who can understand the message conveyed through any piece of creative art. The hard work of creative artist particularly when it is immersed in love for nature, is set to touch cores of heart.  Today was one of those occasions when a poster painted by a student from a valley in snow leopard range in Gilgit Baltistan was unveiled at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad. The Honorable Ambassador of Norway H.E. Dr. Tore Nedrebø hosted the unveiling ceremony. Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz was invited at the occasion as this painting was presented to the Honorable Ambassador by SLF at International Snow Leopard Day few months back. Dr. Ali gave a brief introduction and background to the embassy staff present at the ceremony about the painting which was painted on the theme ‘snow leopard conservation for a resilient mountain ecosystem’ by school student Yasir Farman from D.J.C.B. High School, Khuda Abad, Gilgit Baltistan. After the unveiling ceremony, the SLF documentary ‘Science, Society and Snow Leopards’ was screened. The documentary highlights the issues and challenges of snow leopard conservation and the conservation efforts of SLF in protecting the snow leopard and its habitat. Dr. Ali thanked the Honorable Ambassador for making SLF part of this memorable occasion and for the hospitality.