Snow Leopard Foundation completed its first livestock vaccination campaign 2017 in Chitral. The campaign is part of SLF Ecosystem Health Program. This program aims at reducing the diseases causing mortality of livestock. The decrease in mortality rate helps in increased income and tolerance towards snow leopard depredation. The vaccination campaign was conducted in Kuju Payeen, Koghuzi, Barghuzi, Mori Payeen, Drungagh, Baleem, Sor Laspur, Ujnu, Rech, Bothuli, Parsan. The communities participated in the campaign with enthusiasm and great interest, as they believe that due to vaccination the mortality rate of livestock has decreased significantly ever since SLF has started vaccination program. Snow Leopard Foundation has been following the vaccination calendar developed by its program sites. The calendar includes nine types of vaccines to be managed throughout the year. SLF is providing two rounds of vaccinations, each round covers two vaccines one for sheep/goat and another for cattle. The vaccination is administered by trained vaccinators from the community. The vaccinators training program was conducted by SLF in NARC Islamabad, the training helped community members to learn about the procedures and knowledge of livestock vaccinations. The SLF vaccination program is supported by Whitley Award, conferred upon Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz in 2016, by the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN). This award enables SLF to bring together local and regional stakeholders for capacity building and training towards enhanced livestock management including vaccination program. This program is conducted through the collaboration of Snow Leopard Trust (SLT), Wildlife Department KPK and Government of KPK.