Snow Leopard Foundation Participated in World Science Day Event

The World Science Day for Peace and Development 2017 was celebrated at Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Islamabad on November 10, 2017. A stall was set up by Snow Leopard Foundation in the display and exhibition arena. The SLF participation was in connection with the scientific methodology and approach adopted for snow leopard conservation and data collection to evaluate and design wildlife and environmental conservation practices. This scientific approach has helped in securing the biodiversity and the habitats shared by wildlife and humans. The visitors including students showed great interest in SLF stall and were keen to know more about the snow leopard conservation and other scientific practices to secure environment from degradation. The students were interested to visit the snow leopard habitats and participate in the conservation activities. It is encouraging for us to see the enthusiasm of students and youth to seek knowledge and practical experience about wildlife conservation, said Director SLF Dr. Muhammad Ali Nawaz. He further said that, we have been conducting such activities for high school students during summers in our program regions. These learning activities create awareness and interest in students to take up wildlife and environment conservation studies when they join professional institutes. SLF is also supporting post graduate students in their wildlife ecology related research work.