Snow Leopard Killed in GB Region

A snow leopard is reportedly killed in Ginni Valley near Chilas, GB. The killing took place on 24th April 2017. The culprit has been identified as a local herder. Wildlife department has registered the FIR against the herder and till last received reports, he was not arrested and his search is ongoing in the region. Wildlife department and other conservation organizations are jointly working with police to locate and arrest the herder. Snow Leopard Foundation has offered complete support and corporation to police and wildlife department in searching and arrest of the shooter. According to the concerned range officer, Mr. Shah Nawaz, police and other departments are gathering clues and information to know the whereabouts of the shooter, and everyone is hopeful to arrest the shooter soon. Investigations are continued to find the buyer as well. We will share further update on this story, as soon we receive any development regarding arrest and legal actions taken against the shooter and buyer. The shameful act of snow leopard killing has decreased, mainly due to uninterrupted conservation and community capacity building efforts by government and non-government organizations working in the region. The local communities have been generally supportive in this cause even they suffer livestock losses due to snow leopard occasionally. In order to further strengthen the positive relationship between departments and communities, SLF would request the Ministry of Climate Change to address this issue in the agenda of coming GSLEP pre-summit meeting in July. Besides formulating and implementing strict regulations against poaching and illegal trade, a policy guideline about community support actions including livestock insurance, improvement of community livelihood through trainings and incentives towards reporting and sharing information with the Wildlife department/ conservation organizations about such incidents can be helpful in overall behavioral change and stopping illegal hunting. Pakistan is among twelve countries where snow leopard is found and it is placed in red list of most endangered species by IUCN. Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan (SLF), is dedicated for the conservation of snow leopard, its prey species and habitat in Pakistan for 11 years and initiated several projects to protect Snow Leopard and its habitat. The snow leopard program aims at conserving snow leopard and its fragile ecosystem by improving knowledge through community based sustainable conservation actions. SLF is also engaged in community support projects to improve livelihoods through training and capacity building in livestock and natural resource management.